Gesundheit verboten, unheilbar war gestern

Gesundheit verboten, unheilbar war gestern Deutsch

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Gesundheit verboten - Unheilbar war gestern' is in simple, understandable style for interested people as well as for the elderly. It contains a comprehensive collection of scientific and medical data, protocols and examples for the treatment of many diseases and diseases.

Andreas L. Kalcker

Soft cover

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This work is the result of many years of the collection of data on apparently unheard-of diseases by the biophysicist Andreas Kalcker, who has been asking for the truth to be revealed and for solutions to be found where there has been none so far. After he had himself become a victim of a disease, which he had kept for himself, he was in a position to find the most common cause of all diseases, as well as the basis for an effective therapeutic reaction, for which he had been so strongly influenced by the established pathogens.

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