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Editorial Voedia: How to publish your book?

If you are part of the world of content creation and want to publish it, in this article you will find relevant information about the concepts to publish your book. We tell you about each of these processes and also how we work in our publishing house to bring your project to life.

Table of contents:

  • What is a publishing house?
  • Self-publishing vs. editorial service.
  • The desktop publishing method.
  • What is layout?
  • What is binding?
  • How to publish your book?
  • Where to publish your book?
  • How to print your book?
  • Editorial service in Voedia.
  • Contact


What is a publishing house?


A publishing house is the company that edits and publishes a literary work. Publishing is the process of producing and disseminating literature, music or information. It is the activity of making information available to the general public.

In some cases, authors may be their own editors, i.e., the creators and developers of the content. In addition, the word "publisher" can refer to the person who runs a publishing company, an imprint or the person who runs a magazine. Publishing a book includes the following stages of development: editing, production, printing (and its electronic equivalents), marketing and distribution.


Self-publishing vs. editorial service.


We are going to talk about one of the most important decisions you will make as an author, and that is whether you should go the traditional publishing route or the self-publishing route, as there are big differences between the two. You have the opportunity and the ability to self-publish a book, so how do you decide whether to go the traditional or self-publishing route? We are going to help you decide by comparing the two options, because the more you know, the better decision you will be able to make about your project.

In the full editorial service, you will only need to provide the finished draft. If you do not have a cover, we can create one and start the layout process. Then, we pass it to the printing and binding section. When the book is finished, we distribute and advertise it.

You must keep in mind that this service includes many internal processes that involve a cost. Our way of working in the traditional publishing process is to offer these services separately, so that the investment in this process does not affect the final percentage that you will get for each sale of the book.


The desktop publishing method.


In this case the author has a finished book, ready to print. It is understood that you have corrected and edited the book, hired the services of a layout artist and a designer for the cover or graphic elements. At this point you only need to print and distribute the book.


What is layout?


Layout is the process in which the elements that make up the book are distributed. The different typographies, images and text paragraphs must be structured to offer a pleasant reading experience. The layout is what gives us the first impression when we open a book; at a glance we get different sensations depending on the type and size of the font, the amount of text, the images or graphic elements, etc. This process requires a meticulous study of the layout of the elements, margins and bleeds so that there are no errors in the printing and binding process. An unprofessional layout can result in a book with unequal margins, chapters that do not start on a new page, or a table of contents that does not correspond to the pages of the sections. For all these reasons, it is essential that the layout is carried out by qualified and experienced personnel so that the final result has a certain quality.



How to publish your book?


If you are an author and want to publish your book, we can help you in this process. If it is not the first time, you will already know parts of the procedure, but if it is the first time you are going to publish your book, you may have doubts about the workflow with the publisher, times, prices, percentages, etc.

Publishing your book is easy, we just need the text and we take care of the rest. At this point you can choose different services within the publishing house. If you have a draft, you can let us edit the text or the layout, where we make sure that the work meets the standards for the printing of the book and its correct structure. If you already have the layout done, either on your own or because you have already hired a professional, it is ready for printing.

In the case of book printing, you can opt for different options, where you can choose the size of the book, type of paper, type of cover, as well as the final treatment of the binding. When it is printed, we can publish your book in digital media, bookstores and online bookstores. We take care of assigning the ISBN to your work, so you don't have to worry about barcodes. Having an experienced publisher allows you to reach a wider audience, since they have a position and quality contacts among which to share and disseminate your work. Moreover, when we talk about publishing your book, it is not only that, what we do is to give visibility to your voice and make it easier for you to share your thoughts with the world. Precisely for this reason, it is important to define the material with which you are going to print your book. A type of paper gives an image, a reading experience and a particular touch, where reading is framed within specific sensations.


Where to publish your book?


If you don't know where you can publish your book, in Voedia you can have an opportunity to give visibility to your work. First of all we have a bookstore section on our website, where we publish the books of our authors and we pay attention to the appearance of the covers and the quality of the descriptions in case you do not provide this information. We also distribute our books with national bookstores, online bookstores and international distributors in Spanish and English speaking territories such as USA, Latin America and Europe.

We are fortunate to have valuable people around the world who allow us to reach markets that are difficult to reach when an author publishes his book independently, so the chances of gaining visibility in the world increase considerably.


How to print your book?


Printing is the step prior to binding. It is where all the previous work moves from the digital world to the physical world. To print your book, there are many options available. We can choose the type of paper, where we define the finish, the thickness, the brightness of the pages or covers, and so on. The same book, printed on different papers, will offer a totally different reading experience. The same book, printed on different papers, will offer a totally different reading experience, as well as the sensation to the touch when turning the page or even the ease of handling the book for reading. Another important aspect to take into account is the size of the book.

There are many types of paper, but the most widely used in the publishing world are: eWe use coated paper, offset, recycled paper or newsprint. For books, coated or offset paper is usually used, and we can choose the weight of the pages, the finish, glossy or matte, or find papers with different colors and textures, such as bone paper or handmade paper.

With the interior material chosen, the next step is to assess whether the book is in black and white or color, or if it has illustrations or other elements that may affect the printing of your book, specifically the initial cost, as some features tend to increase the cost price.

In our publishing house we have professional book printing resources that can advise you on the best size, format, type of paper and finish for your work.

You can also opt for a handmade binding service to give your book's printing a differential touch and a recognizable appearance among the variety of books on the market.

In case you want to print your book and take care of the whole process on your own, we can help you by offering you that service only. In our publishing house we want to be a useful tool for the author, and that is why we offer all the editorial services, together or separately, so that each creator can choose what is best for him/her at any given moment.

To make things easy for you, you can choose the service that best suits your needs when publishing your book. You can choose only book printing, layout or cover design.

Editorial service at Voedia.

At Voedia we are passionate about knowing the story behind each book. Each author expresses his or her thoughts in a work and shares with the world a vision from a prism based on his or her life experience. In our publishing house we are proud to offer the public books that are of general interest, with different themes, exposing the author and giving him all the prominence he deserves. To achieve the author's objectives we have a team of professionals in all the areas needed to create a book. Starting from the initial draft, we carry out the layout, printing, binding and distribution in online book stores and bookstores, as well as the marketing and diffusion campaigns of the book.

We work without stress so that the author has all the freedom to choose the service he needs at all times. They can count on our support to give them as much visibility as possible, because our ultimate goal as a company is to offer the author a service that makes them feel proud of their work and share it around the world. We want to be a tailwind for creators.

We work personally with authors, helping them to publish their story so that their voice is heard. Regardless of size, style or subject matter.

These services can be contracted together or separately, giving the author the opportunity to choose what he/she needs, avoiding cost overruns. If you are an author and you have never worked with the publishing world, you should know that there are two main styles in the publishing process: full service or self-publishing.

In Voedia the author will be able to choose the way he wants to produce his book. If you do not need the full editorial service, you can hire independent services or service packages. From a change of cover, to the distribution, an editorial service a la carte so that you have the tools you need at all times. We also offer a unique binding service, which is characterized by a handcrafted development of the covers, with a personalized finish.




If you have any questions about our services, prices, delivery times or workflows you can send us an e-mail to sales@voedia.com or tell us about your project at our contact page.