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Discover chlorine dioxide with Andreas Kalcker's courses and seminars. Explained in simple language and adapted so that anyone can benefit from the capabilities of this oxidant. In these courses you will learn how chlorine dioxide and oxidative therapy works. There are several levels so that you can take full advantage of everything that doctors, biologists and scientists can bring you. If you still don't know what chlorine dioxide is and how it works, we will give you a little bit of information, but if you want to understand the benefits of CDS in depth, we invite you to take this training at Kalcker Institute. An online platform where you can train in the use of CDS at your own pace and from wherever you want. In addition, if you visit the Kalcker Institute website from here, you will have a 10% discount on all their courses. We leave you the link below. Take advantage of this opportunity!

What is chlorine dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide or CLO2 is a molecule formed by two oxygen atoms and one chlorine atom. This molecule has an oxidative power that destroys the proteins of viruses and bacteria and prevents them from reproducing. Unlike antibiotics, CLO2 does not pass into the genetic information of bacteria, so they cannot become immune to this substance. In the case of viruses, it destroys the protein chains that allow them to attach to tissues, preventing them from carrying out the infection. Because of its high oxidative power, it is used in quality water purification plants, so it is a product that has been tested and in use for a long time. Applied to external areas of the skin, oxidation has disinfectant and healing effects. When ingested, it directly affects the mitochondria, an "organ" in the cells that is responsible for regulating the cells' electricity. When a mitochondrion has no electricity, it does not oxidize, it ferments. This process of anaerobic fermentation triggers a need for survival on the part of the cell, which will cause it to divide uncontrollably. Cancer is an effect of this process.

Is chlorine dioxide toxic?

In the right doses CLO2 is not toxic. It has an oxidative power lower than the oxidative power of the body's cells, so it does not harm them. Other more potent oxidants, such as ozone, can damage cells if there is prolonged exposure in certain amounts. Toxicity is dose-dependent. Food, condiments and other common consumables are not toxic in low quantities, but ingestion of common salt in large quantities can cause death by dehydration. Chlorine dioxide, in controlled quantities, is not toxic. Find out much more about the world of chlorine dioxide and how it can benefit your health and the health of those around you in Andreas Kalcker's courses.



The basic course explains chlorine dioxide protocols and provides training on how to safely prepare CDS. Save your life and your family's life by understanding how CDS works and learn how to prepare it safely.


The advanced course expands on the previous course with an introduction to natural biophysics and its therapeutic application. Electrophysiology frequency therapy is also covered. In this context, medical paradigms are evaluated and controversial arguments are addressed. It is a course focused on discovering the origin or causes of diseases and seeing them from another approach, from a natural point of view. This advanced course is aimed at therapists and users who want to have a deeper understanding of the processes involved in the natural health of the body and those who want to take responsibility for their health.


The master is the course with the most complete content. It has 24 videos (more than 50GB of content) and is designed for easy and dynamic learning. At the end of the course there are live sessions with Andreas Kalcker to ask possible questions directly with the author. The master course includes the basic and advanced courses at no additional cost. By purchasing this course you are directly helping in the development of the third CDS course, which aims to create a totally legal chlorine dioxide medicine. It is suitable for health professionals, therapists, manufacturers and distributors. It is an essential resource for those who want to dedicate themselves to the world of CDS professionally. SEMINARS Andreas Kalcker is working with leading physicians and scientists such as Dr. Blanca Bolaño and Dr. Eduardo Isignares to tailor the courses for healthcare professionals in the clinical setting. This seminar will provide clinical and comprehensive training on the use of CDS in its different protocols and scientific aspects of research. A course focused on physicians and health professionals. The students of this professional seminar will enjoy, exclusively, the teaching of the parenteral protocol


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