Kalcker Lo Esencial. Guía de protocolos

Kalcker Lo Esencial. Guía de protocolos Spanish

Spanish language.

PDF version.

Kalcker The Essentials. Guide of protocols in digital version. Kalcker The Essential is an excerpt from his best known book, Forbidden Health. This protocol guide summarizes in a simple way and with a dynamic language, all the protocols to follow with chlorine dioxide, according to diseases, ailments or conditions. In this PDF book you will find all the protocols explained in a simple way. The PDF protocol guide is only available in Spanish, if your native language is English or German you can find the PDF versions of Salud Prohibida in your language in our store, in the category "E-books" or also in "By language".

Andreas L. Kalcker


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In Kalcker Lo Esencial. Protocol Guide you will find specific information on each protocol in the use of CDS. Listed from A to Z, a multitude of diseases and possible guidelines to follow are named. No medical training of any kind is required to understand the guide and be able to carry out the protocols safely. The simple and direct language with which the author writes his books, makes it possible to reach a large number of people without there being a barrier due to the difficulty of its content.


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