Bye Bye Covid, Andreas Kalcker (en-US)

Bye Bye Covid, Andreas Kalcker (en-US) English

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Discover Andreas Kalcker's latest book, a collaborative title with more than 30 people from the medical, clinical and journalistic fields that addresses very interesting information about COVID-19.

Andreas L. Kalcker

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"Probably the most important discovery in medicine in the last 100 years.

Bye Bye Covid is a book full of pictures and information, the results of treatment with chlorine dioxide in the form of CDS against coronavirus, a simple, easy, effective and cheap solution as a new treatment to save the lives of millions of people.

"This book can save the lives of your loved ones..."

A powerful book written by Dr. h.c Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, author of several scientific books, in collaboration with Dr. Manuel Aparicio, Cnl. Dr. Pedro Chávez, Dr. Eduardo Insignares, Dr. Blanca Bolaño, Dr. Martín ramírez Beltrán, Dr. Gisselle Barrantes, Dr. Viviane Brunet, Dr. José María Cabezas, Dr. Pablo Carvajal, Dr. Roberto García, Dr. Sandro Monroe, Cnl. Lourdes Torres, Dr. Ricardo Velázquez Larrinaga, Gonzalo Arcos, Sec. Gral. Comusav Tannia Bayas, journalist Verónica del Castillo Journalist, journalist Karla revollo, Eng. and biologist Eidy María Schmitter, Dr. Murad Agha, Dr. Yohanny Andrade, Cnl. Guillermo Tomayo and Capt. Dr. Pamela Trujillo.

This group of people participated in the "Bye Bye Covid" project on chlorine dioxide in the form of CDS, which is now used by thousands of physicians in more than 27 countries.

"Bye Bye Bye Covid" and, as of today, don't worry about the coronavirus.


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