Saúde Proibida (PDF)

Saúde Proibida (PDF) Português

A book of more than 400 pages, with real life testimonials, exposing the experiences of the users in the treatment of all types of diseases. A list that covers the recommended pathologies from A to Z and the protocols that have been followed to improve the health status of those who participate. It also includes a large amount of scientific information on the data produced by research on the use of chlorine dioxide and other less known or neglected substances.

Andreas L. Kalcker


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Written in simple and didactic language, this book explains the true origin of the diseases and exposes possible treatments for pathologies considered incurable. Precisely because of this and the large number of facts, figures, documents and notes it contains, "Saúde Proibida" promises to be a controversial book, full of arguments, which reveals the benefits of using chlorine dioxide to alleviate multiple diseases and conditions.


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