Una dulce revolución

Una dulce revolución Spanish

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We present the book by Josep Pàmies, "A sweet revolution". A book that promotes a natural lifestyle, with a reflection on the interests of industrial food production and how this is a problem for the health and welfare of people.

Josep Pàmies

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This disillusioned farmer gives us a vision from the experience of having participated in an industrial food production system, and how he changed his conscience to commit himself to organic farming. A review of different topics such as the hidden interests that promote large-scale food production, the fight against transgenic foods, medicinal plants and other healing therapies that are considered alternative. A Sweet Revolution reviews the experiences and reflections of a farmer who dedicates his energy to promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging people to be part of the change that humanity needs. In the pages of this book, the reader will find the experiences and reflections of a farmer committed to issues such as organic farming, the fight against GMOs, medicinal plants and other forms of healing that are currently considered alternative. The author ends the book with some reflections of his own.

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