Despierta a la vida

Despierta a la vida Spanish

Carmina Serra receives an unexpected diagnosis "Cancer".

In Awake to Life, the disease will be a turning point in the author's life and will mark the beginning of a journey through conventional medicine, doubts and questions.

Carmina's particular way of dealing with her process will also lead her on a spiritual journey in which she mixes the Chlorine Dioxideconventional medicine, shamans, etc...

Carmina Serra

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Wake up to life and fight, the destiny is up to you... Strength and forward!

Carmina Serra is diagnosed with cancer in March 2013 with a prognosis of very serious, after two surgical interventions, the doctors give her as the only solution the radical surgery amputation, which would force her to live attached to a bag for the rest of her life.

Refusing to accept that this is the only solution, she decides to embark on a long healing adventure that will take her to the Amazon (Peru), with the natives of the Shipiba community.

A true story, surprising, written by its protagonist with an ironic and subtle sense of humor. Perfectly set and documented in the depths of the jungle.

Enter the exciting and unknown world for many of us of the millenary shamanic medicine of the Amazon Rainforest.

You have the answer.

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