Sanando los síntomas conocidos como Autismo

Sanando los síntomas conocidos como Autismo Spanish

The world of autism is on the move again. Kerri Rivera has done so. In this book she has brought together and simplified the core elements of biomedical intervention, those that work the 90% of time in the 90% of children. Her focus on using an approachable and unified method to reduce the burden of chronic infections in the body is targeting the very core of most children and adults with autism. This has made his method the most powerful tool to date to help many children recover in a safe, sound and inexpensive manner. Her research is validated by the enormous response from parents around the world.

Kerri Rivera

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In the seven months since the launch of the first edition of Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, 22 children lost their autism diagnosis and returned to a healthy state. Since then these numbers have increased tremendously, we know of hundreds of cases of recovery and as many have lowered their ATEC scores, as well as showing cognitive, behavioral, emotional and physical advances thanks to the protocol shown in these pages. This edition includes all the updates to the protocol and much more information that can benefit families of children and adults on the spectrum.

This edition includes a new special protocol for parents, with complete information on diets, deworming protocols, heavy metal chelation and hyperbaric chamber treatments, FAQ section, a new method for preparing CDs - New deworming protocol tables - Lunar calendar - Many new testimonials - New section on the role of gluten in molecular mimicry and autoimmunity information to help older or violent/aggressive children.

In 3 years, 115 children previously diagnosed with regressive autism were able to lose their diagnosis, their symptoms and return to a general state of health and vitality. If you have any interest in finding out how they were able to heal, you need to read this book. Kerri has a heart for children with autism and cares deeply about recommending cost-effective and safe interventions that help confront an epidemic.


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