How to buy?

How to buy?

In this guide we show you how to buy books from our store step by step. 

1. Choose the books you need.

You can browse the Home page and search for the book you want to buy. You can also search by the name of the book in the header search bar. When you see the book just click on the image, and the product page will open.  

2. Number of books.

From the product page, you can choose the number of books you need. Change the number 1, which comes by default, for the quantity que necesites, y haz click en «Add to cart«. 

As you will see, we have quantity discounts for purchases of 10 books or more. These discounts will be applied when you add more than 10 units to the shopping cart. 

After adding the book to the cart, you can go back to the home page (Click on the logo), browse the menu or search for another book that interests you in the search bar and perform the same process.

3. Calculate taxes and shipping costs.

In this window, enter your address so that prices are updated based on your country of origin. If you buy from an EU country taxes will be calculated based on your country. If you buy from a state outside the European Union you will not be charged taxes. 

You will also be able to see the shipping costs. To do so, click on Change addressand enter the Country, Province and/or City and Postal Code fields.

With this information you will know how much shipping costs, taxes (VAT) and the total of the order.

Once you have filled in the initial form, click on Finalize purchase. 

4. Finalize purchase

4.1 Billing and shipping address

This page is where you will need to fill in your billing information. If the billing information, such as the address and the name of the person who will receive the books, are the same as for the shipping address, you only need to fill out the billing form.

Si quieres que los libros se envíen a una dirección diferente, puedes activar la opción  «Send to a different address? Where you will be able to detail the details of the alternative shipping address. 

Let's review the form fields so that you have no doubts about what information you should write in each one of them. 

First and Last Names: Your first and last name. 

DNI/NIF/CIF/Passport/Driver's license: This field is essential to comply with Spanish regulations. If you do not reside in Spain and you do not have a DNI or CIF, you can add any tax identification document number, it can be a passport number or a driver's license number. 

Why are we asking for this information? 

In Spain, all transactions between a business and its customers must be registered. The way to verify that this transaction is legal is by identifying the customer with a tax number so that it is valid when presented to the competent authorities.  

Company name: If you are buying as a company enter your company name in this field.

Country, Address, Postal code, number, apartment, room, town, province: This will be the address where the books will be sent. If you wish the shipping address to be different, you can fill in an alternative address below. 

Phone: Enter your phone number without using spaces or symbols as (+).

For example, a correct phone number would be: 34654321987 and an incorrect one would be: (+34) 654 321 987.

E-mail: The email address where you will receive emails about your order and the one we will use to contact you if necessary.

EU/VAT Number: Another very important field for companies buying from European countries. This number is the intra-community VAT number, which must be registered in VIES, in order for the tax exemption to apply. When this number is entered, an automatic validation is done with the database to verify the number. If it is correct, the tax will be removed before payment is made. 

Create an account? If you buy books on a regular basis, by creating an account you will be able to keep track of your purchases, invoices and orders in your customer panel (My Account page).

Send to a different address? If you want to send the books to a different address than the billing address, you can do it from this form. Check the box to display the form and fill in the fields.

4.2. Order and payment summary

In the right column, at the top, you will see the summary of your order; the books you are going to buy, their individual price, the subtotal of all the products, the shipping costs, the amount of taxes, if any, and the total amount of the order. 

Next you will see the form to enter your credit card information to proceed with the payment. 

Read the terms and conditions and agree to the terms of service and click on Place your order. 

Finally, check your phone or bank in case you need to authorize the transaction. If you do not authorize the transaction within 5 to 7 minutes, the order will be cancelled automatically. 

Once your order has been registered, you will receive a confirmation email with your order details and shipping address. 

And that's it, our team will ship the books to your address as soon as possible.