Crónicas de un viaje a lo desconocido.

Crónicas de un viaje a lo desconocido. Spanish

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Crónicas de un viaje a lo desconocido is about the personal story of Guillermo Konstantín, an engineer who circumstantially has to stay in Baltimore (USA) for a year, due to a work requirement: to take a training course, and whose point of view on life is existential, that is, he does not believe in anything he cannot see with his eyes.

Guillermo Marino Cramer

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In Chronicles of a Journey into the Unknown, the vagaries of life lead him down a path where due to a condition; stress, panic attacks and claustrophobia, he begins to live an initiatory experience that he would not have chosen of his own free will. He does not know that he is living on a "graveyard"; the slaves buried alive near the port of Baltimore, the place where galleons arrived to be sold at public auctions. As the character, much to his regret, is unaware that he has perception and intuition, he picks up those vibrations of suffering that end up making him sick, but thanks to the fact that he meets Panchita at the Club de Argentinos, a Cuban seer who gives him the first clue of what is happening to him, to later meet, not by chance, Jerónimo, a man of "knowledge", a Cherokee elder, who will take him by the hand to the shamanic world and show him the other side of reality. The protagonist, incredulous of those subtle worlds, due to his discomfort, will receive and accept what Jerónimo shows him: the existence of a parallel reality in which he has to immerse himself in order to be voluntarily trapped and end up becoming what he denied from his conceptual materialism. It is not Carlos Castaneda's approach, although the language and concepts are similar within the cosmology of the native peoples, but it will take the reader to another vision of the everyday world. To that of the ordinary citizen, where it is not necessary to live in the desert to gather surprising experiences: It reaffirms the theory of the great thinkers of the last century. That is to say; the human being is a magical being and the Earth is a School Planet, where supernatural things can happen: The World of the Urban Shamans.

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